How does the Star Sign Aura Mist work and what does it do?

Each Star Sign Mist is composed of a synergistic blend of 4 different Bach flower remedies. Each flower included in the blend speaks to a different shadow side expressed by the energy in that star sign. The flowers work to gently replace the negative energy being experienced with the positive energy contained in the soul imprint of the flower. 

How do I choose which Star Sign Mist is best for me?

This is where it gets fun. Most people are familiar with their Sun sign, the sign they identify with due to their birthday and read about in their horoscope. If that is your extent of experience with astrology, then buy that sign. The flowers will balance out the energy you consciously recognize in your personality. If you want to get deeper into the therapy and you know your moon sign, this is great place to begin as well. Bach flowers work specifically with your emotional energetic body and your moon sign speaks directly to how you respond to fear, insecurity and your emotional needs in times of stress. Further more, if you are a real astrology buff, you can select the sign of your Rising Sun, or whatever sign you are working through in your astrological chart. The choice is really up to you. All of the signs in the Star Sign Collection have the same all natural essential oil scent, so you can buy what speaks to you and layer the energies as well. 

What are the essential oils you use to scent your product?

I use ALL NATURAL essential oils, absolutes, concretes, and CO2 extractions to create my perfume. I DO NOT use any synthetics or aroma chemicals in my compositions. Because all of my material is sourced from around the world and sometimes in finite quantities, the essential oils I use in my products may slightly change over time. I have very high standards and expensive taste, so my perfumes use the finest ingredients and the quality will always be superior. 

Is it possible to get a mist that is specific to me and my energy?

Yes!! For personal custom blends please set up a consultation appointment so we can get deeper into your needs and create your very own magic potion. You can also take the Bach Flower Assessment and I can create the blend you select and have it delivered to you.

Are there other ways to take Bach flower remedies?

There are many ways to administer Bach flower remedies. The most traditional is by tincture. I am happy to make any Star Sign Aura Mist into a tincture. I can also create personal custom blend tinctures

How do I administer the Bach flower remedies?

For Tincture, take 4 drops at least 4 times per day or as often as needed. Tinctures are generally taken orally under the tongue or dropped into liquid and consumed. Tincture bottles are prepared using fresh Spring Water, Flower Essence, and a splash of Brandy to preserve the water and keep it fresh. Tincture bottles can also be made using an alcohol-free Vegetable Glycerin upon request.

For Mist, spray as often as needed to clear energetic space and revive your aura. Mist bottles are a blend of fresh Spring Water, Witch Hazel, Flower Essence, and Essential Oils. They can be used as an energy balancing face/body spray or to clear energetic space. Mists are not to be orally ingested. They are for external use only.