Sybil Teles

The magic is in her name…

Sybil Teles, the magic in Wishcraft Apothecary, is a classically and ethereally trained practitioner of Bach flowers. She studied and was certified as a registered practitioner at the Bach Centre located at Mount Vernon, Dr. Bach’s home and gardens, in the small village of Brightwell-cum-Sotwell in the UK. She is also certified in Flower Essence Therapy through the Avalon Escuela Para El Alma in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sybil is a student of hands-on energy work, astrology and natural perfumery. She is on a journey to find healing energetic connections between the mind, body and spirit. Currently you can find her enrolled in a intensive astrology course with mentor and acclaimed teacher, Patricia Tabares. She is a practicing reiki and psychic development student of Constance Messmer, who is a true gem and an expert in her field. Sybil also studies the art of natural perfumery with world legendary perfumer, author and top nose, Mandy Aftel, in Berkeley, CA, as well as with award winning natural perfumer, Charna Ethier in Providence, Rhode Island. Witness Wishcraft Apothecary evolve as Sybil evolves and develops new skills and remedies to help achieve a state of balance and access a connection to our higher selves.