Custom Remedy Compounded in tincture / mist




take 4 drops/ 4 x a day

or as often as needed

Taken Orally

in liquid / under tongue


spray as often as needed

 to clear energetic space and mist your aura


Tincture Bottles are prepared using fresh Spring Water, Flower Essence, and a splash of Brandy to preserve the water and keep it fresh. Tincture bottles can also be made using an alcohol-free Vegetable Glycerin upon request. Tinctures are generally taken orally under the tongue or dropped into liquid and consumed.

Mist Bottles are a blend of fresh Spring Water, Witch Hazel, Flower Essence, and Essential Oils. They can be used as an energy balancing face/body spray or to clear energetic space. Mists are not to be orally ingested. They are for external use only.