(September 24, 1886 – November 27, 1936)

Dr. Edward Bach was a very accomplished British Physician, Homeopath, Pathologist and Bacteriologist.  He spent most of his career studying the relationship between emotional states, personality, and how disease manifests in the body. He discovered that if you treated the person instead of the symptoms of the dis-ease they systematically got better. Dr. Bach yearned for a more natural, humane and effective way of medicine. Through intuition and an acute sensitivity to connecting with nature, he developed probably the safest method of healing the personality and emotions.  Dr. Bach believed disease was the result of a conflict between mind, body and soul. Once the remedies restore energetic balance then self-healing is possible.

The flowers

Dr. Bach's flower essences are considered a complete and natural system composed of 38 individual flowers that respond to human characteristics and emotions. Each flower has a specific vibration or note. When the right blend of flowers is composed specifically for you, it will create the song of your soul, bringing emotional balance and allowing you to see the highest version of yourself. There are over 293 million different combinations. The flowers are safe to use with everyone, including children, babies and even pets. They compliment other forms of holistic therapy and do not have a contradictory effect when mixed with other supplements or medications.


In-take Session/ $85 /This session typically lasts around an hour or so. During this time we will work together to identify certain emotions that are present in your current situation. Once the flower essences are chosen, a personal remedy bottle will be hand-made specific to your needs. This remedy bottle lasts between 3 weeks to one month if taken as directed. This session is followed by a two week check-in via text message or email.

Follow-up Session/ $50 /This session can be anywhere from 30mins to an hour and typically takes place 3 weeks to a month after the initial consult. During this time we will discuss the progress of your current emotional state and see what energetic shifts have taken place. A new remedy bottle will be compounded specific to your needs. This remedy bottle lasts between 3 weeks to one month if taken as directed. 

Remedy Bottle Replenishment/ $20 /If you have a personal remedy mix that is singing your soul's song, a replacement bottle will be hand-prepared for pick-up or drop-off, at your convenience. Remedy can also be mailed for an additional shipping fee.

Sessions are also available via Skype and FaceTime. Please email to schedule an online connect.

Bach Flower Therapy is an individual process and can go as deep or as immediate as you would like to explore. It usually takes anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks for clients to begin to feel the emotional energetic shifts. The flowers work gently to raise energy vibration in order to achieve a state of harmonic balance.


"Humans have a soul which is their real higher self; a Divine, Mighty, Being."

Dr. Edward Bach