Aries Sun

Aries Sun


Birthdates: 3/21-4/19

Part of the Sun Sign Collection, the Aries Sun blend supports this constellation to take the time to slow down and reflect.

This collection was developed by Certified Bach Flower Practitioner, Sybil Teles, to introduce flower essence therapy as a holistic branch of energy medicine. Each mix consists of a combination of Dr. Bach’s high frequency flowers. These synergistic blends are curated according to astrological sun signs, which represent the energy in the sky the day you were born. The flowers in each sun sign blend speak to the conscious parts of the personality that need support.

Type: 2 oz. Spray Bottle

Ingredients: Spring Water/ Witch Hazel/ Flower Essences: Impatiens, Vervain, Heather, Vine/ Essential Oil Blend

Dosage: Mist aura throughout the day

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