Martha's Vineyard

My experience with Bach Flower Essences has been a truly beautiful journey. Not only do my flowers help me feel balanced and in tune with my emotional energies, they have also helped me reduce my physical symptoms associated with those negative energies. I started using them as a support on my path to better health and self-care, and now they have become an essential part of my daily life! I am so grateful for my chance to discover and work with Bach Flowers and Sybil – she alone was a phenomenal support to have by my side!


Martha’s Vineyard

I am having amazing results with the Bach flower remedy that Sybil prepared. I needed help with anxiety for a major dental procedure and she prepared a mixture that really worked. Novocaine usually induces panic attacks for me, but this time I was able to stay calm through the entire procedure.

I kept taking the tincture regularly after the surgery to help with day to day anxiety and it is definitely working. 

Having a professional like Sybil evaluate my situation and prepare a custom blend makes a big difference. I plan to continue to work with her on other issues as they come up. 


Martha’s Vineyard

Sybil listens attentively to your emotional needs. She then allows insight and intuition to guide her into creating the essential flower essence just right for you. I have used several mixes to help with severe emotional distress and was impressed each time with how delicately and directly they worked for me.