Planting the Seed

This is the first step on a new path. A path that leads to the gardens of my soul. A path that I have been meandering along my entire life and never knew that I was even on, much less where it would take me.

It all started the day I was born. The day I was given my name, Sybil. The name of a witch I have been told. It has always been an ancient name, and one I feel that I am finally growing into. A name that, until recently, I had no idea how much it spoke to the purpose that was waiting to sprout inside of me. The name of a witch. A woman who harnesses the power of nature to heal. A woman who has a direct connection with the goddess and the god. A woman who has a responsibility to use her power help cure the souls that dance around her. A woman who until a few months ago, did not sound like me...

Last August I had a breakdown. Not uncommon, but this one was serious. This one was one that I wasn't going to be able to pull myself out of. I could feel the cold dirt surrounding my body. There was only a tiny fragment of light that I could see and it was fading fast. Just like that, a hand reached down, and instead of pulling me out, it gently patted the soil. It was dark, but I was not alone. I could feel the seed buried deep down inside was beginning to transform.

Before I knew it I started growing roots. They were the same roots I had grown in lives that had long been harvested. Witches and medicine women. Women who were persecuted and women who were revered for their connection to the energy that surrounds us. The very energy that creates everything that exists. I am still growing my roots. Still understanding how deep down into the earth they will reach and still waiting to see the sprout that will begin to break free from this dark place of self discovery. My stem will become strong and from it I will grow my leaves. The leaves that will transform the energy of the work with my clients into the flower that is WishCraft Apothecary.


sybil teles