Sybil Teles


The Bach Centre, Mt. Vernon, Wallingford, United Kingdom- certification as a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner

Avalon Escula Para El Alma, Buenos Aires, Argentina- certification in Flower Essence Therapy

Schools of Wisdom, Easton, Massachusetts- Reiki 1/ certification as a Hypnotherapist

The magic is in her name…
Sybil Teles, the magic in Wishcraft Apothecary, is a classically and etherically trained practitioner of Bach's flowers, hands on energy work, and hypnotherapy. She is on a journey to find healing energetic connections between the mind, body and spirit. Currently you can find her enrolled in an Astrology course at Avalon Escula Para El Alma in Buenos Aires, Argentina (via internet). Witness Wishcraft Apothecary grow as Sybil grows and develops new skills and remedies to help achieve a state of balance and access a connection to our higher selves.